Michael Ball Photo

Michael Ball [he/him]

Office Hours: Weds 5-6pm, 625 Soda (except 9/22)

Head Teaching Assistants

Nicholas Ng Photo

Nicholas Ng [he/him]

Office Hours: Tuesday 10am - 11am

Hi! I'm Nicholas, and I'm a fourth year Computer Science Major from the San Gabriel Valley. I like playing video games (I probably spent too much of my summer playing Valorant), and every once in a while I'll go outside for a run. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Shreya Kannan Photo

Shreya Kannan [she/her]

Office Hours: Tuesday 10am - 11am

Hi everyone, I’m super thrilled to meet y’all this semester! In no particular order, I prefer musicals over concerts, cold over warm weather, dancing over singing, and sushi over tacos. Feel free to talk to me about great restaurants, cool study spots, and of course, CS 88 :)

Teaching Assistants

Chi Tsai Photo

Chi Tsai [she/her]

Office Hours: Monday 7pm - 8pm

Hi! I'm Chi, and I'm from the LA area. I enjoy cooking and trying new food, playing minecraft, planning upcoming vacations, and watching Brooklyn 99 (Terry loves yogurt). Come talk to me about anything, happy to meet you!

Lukas Chang Photo

Lukas Chang [he/him]

Office Hours: Wednesday 12pm - 1pm

Hi everyone I'm Lukas, a 3rd year CS major from the bay area. This is my second semester TAing for CS88 and I'm excited to meet you all! A little about me—in my free time I love making music though I'm not very good playing piano, and I also like going on nightly walks. I hope I can share my love for CS with all of you!

Matt Au Photo

Matt Au [he/him]

Office Hours: Tuesday 1pm - 2pm

Hi! I'm Matt, a 3rd-year CS major from Southern California. I think water engineering is cool. I've been really into the album brent ii by Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler lately. I also recently discovered Strawberry Milk Tea :D. Let me know if you have any song/boba recommendations! I look forward to meeting you all!

Tommy Joseph Photo

Tommy Joseph [he/him]

Office Hours: Monday 6pm - 7pm

Hi I’m a third-year CS major from Southern California, and this is my second time TAing for CS 88. Outside of CS, I spend my time attempting recipes I find on youtube, watching tv, and learning piano (I'm a beginner, sorry neighbors). Happy to help you with anything I can!


Anjali Gurajapu Photo

Anjali Gurajapu [she/her]

Office Hours: Friday 10am - 11am, Friday 6pm - 7pm

Hi! I'm Anjali, and I'm a third year studying Chemistry and Data Science. In my free time, I've been drawing, baking, and trying to befriend the stray cat that sleeps on my porch. I'm excited to be a tutor this semester, and looking forward to meeting you all! :)

Jessica Lin Photo

Jessica Lin [she/her]

Office Hours: Monday 11am - 1pm

Hi friends! I'm Jessica, a second year majoring in CS from Southern California. I enjoy dancing, reading, doing crosswords, and making random peace signs. This is my first semester as a tutor for this course, but my second semester teaching the material. Feel free to reach out to me for anything (:

Kevin Gu Photo

Kevin Gu [he/him]

Office Hours: Tuesday 2pm - 3pm

Hi everyone! I'm Kevin, a recent grad and now a student in the UC Berkeley School of Information, and doing the 5th Year Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program. I majored in Data Science and minored in CS in my undergrad, and I'm really excited to be working with y'all this semester!! Outside of academics, I really love the humanities; I like learning languages and am also really into classical music, so feel free to hit me up if you ever want to have conversations about any of those things. Happy coding!

Rahul Shah Photo

Rahul Shah [he/him]

Office Hours: Tuesday 7pm - 9pm

Hiya!! I’m Rahul, a sophomore studying CS and Data Science. In the past, I’ve been a tutor for CSM 88 so I’m looking forward to bringing y’all awesome content! I like hiking, reading, and trying new food. Feel free to talk to me about anything at anytime :))

Simon Tsui Photo

Simon Tsui [he/him]

Office Hours: Friday 11am - 1pm

Hello! I am a junior studying Computer Science and Statistics. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about classes at Berkeley, food recs, or anything else. Looking forward to a great CS 88 experience this semester!