Additional Resources

Below are some resources from CS61A that you may find useful for CS88. The two courses have quite a bit of overlap. However, keep in mind that there is some CS61A material that will not be covered in CS88.

Setting up your computer for CS88

  • Windows:

    • Setting Up and Using Python (video)
    • Connecting from home (video)
    • Connecting from home (pdf)
  • Mac OSX:

    • Part 1: Setting up Python (video)
    • Part 2: Setting up Emacs (video)
    • Part 3: SSH and the Terminal (video)
    • Connecting from home (pdf)

Learning in CS88

Enrolled/Waitlisted students have access to the screencasts through CalCentral ( -> My Classes -> CS88 (Right hand side) or through bCourses via a tab called Course Captures.

Programming in CS88

External Data Resources Used by 61A

Past Midterms

For your reference, here is a table of past midterms to study!

Name Blank Exam Solutions Professor(s) Walkthrough Video Notes
Spring 2016 Practice Link Link David Culler
Spring 2016 Link Link David Culler Link
Spring 2016 Retake Link Link David Culler Link Please see correction below for Q4.
Spring 2018 Link Link Gerald Friedland Link
Fall 2018 Link Link David Culler Link
Spring 2019 Link Link Gerald Friedland Link
Fall 2019 Link Link Michael Ball Link The correct calls to alt_fib(6) is 25 not 26.
Fall 2019 CSM Mock Midterm Link Link N/A