Additional Resources

Below are some resources from CS61A that you may find useful for CS88. The two courses have quite a bit of overlap. However, keep in mind that there is some CS61A material that will not be covered in CS88.

Setting up your computer for CS88

  • Windows:

    • Setting Up and Using Python (video)
    • Connecting from home (video)
    • Connecting from home (pdf)
  • Mac OSX:

    • Part 1: Setting up Python (video)
    • Part 2: Setting up Emacs (video)
    • Part 3: SSH and the Terminal (video)
    • Connecting from home (pdf)

Learning in CS88

Enrolled/Waitlisted students have access to the screencasts through CalCentral ( -> My Classes -> CS88 (Right hand side) or through bCourses via a tab called Course Captures.

Programming in CS88

External Data Resources Used by 61A